Some people like them and others dont. I am one of the collectors who do. Why? because it gives us a challenge. With variations we dont just mindlessly buy hobby/wax boxes factory sets or single packs open them and put the cards in the pages. This provides us with the opportunity to actually look at our cards again and I mean really look at the picture, the biography, everything. But theres a few things wrong with this. Collectors often chase even the tiny variations. these can include a spot on the back a wrong position on the card a word mispelled no signature. As for me I dont like to chase those and I dont because I hate them. Im not going to get mad at collectors who do since its their choice but I like go after the big noticeable ones : reversed pictures different teams on cards different languages and anything else that is actually noticeable and worth chasing. So to the topps company I say keep these coming but limit them to only 10-15 and dont make them too hard to find