…I can get back to blogging. The past week has been rough with a loss of internet and just wanting to relax and learn a few things about how to do stuff on a blog which I havent completely learned yet. Id like to say happy new year to everyone out there. This post is my 1st of the new year and now id like to introduce a segment in my blog that I will call Random Topps Set of the day. This will feature a set made by topps from one of 2 Topps brands that I know of : Regular (which to me are opening day, Series 1 Series 2 and Traded/Update) and Chrome.  I know there are more but I will focus mainlyon these 2. It will also be spread across the 4 major sports (Baseball Basketball Football and Hockey) which means that one post will be baseball one football…etc Yes I am aware that bdj610’s Topps Baseball Card Blog has a random topps card of the day but theres no law against copying something as long as you make a variation of it (or is there?) anyway id like to start the first of this series with one of topps very first sets which is the 1951 topps Red and Blue backs.

Topps Actual 1st Set

This is a Red Back

just believe that its a red back im too lazy to post a picture of the back. Now in 1951 topps introduced a set where kids could play a game of baseball by drawing cards from a deck. There have been re-releases of this set (the most recent one being just last year in 2010) the original set has around 104 cards. that includes both the red and blue backs,one of these has a variation but I cant remember which one it is right now. This has become a scarcity for collectors. I once saw a complete set of red backs for about $2500 on ebay. When you see 2011 topps this year just remember that it will really be the 61st set and not the 60th.