The 2nd of this series this time from Football. It is 1988 Topps Football. This is my favorite football set of the 1980s.

A 396 Card set and no Traded Series
1988 Topps Football Wax Pack

Im having a problem with this thing. I hate seeing my words in between 2 images…back to the point. It is one of my Favorite football sets. I like the design and its a small set (396 Cards) and there is no traded set so one wax box and youre done. As for me I only have 7 Cards from the  set. but one day ill complete it. I just got to have someone take me to a card shop or something (Im only 16 so I cant really drive anywhere alone).  Maybe this year ill try to see if I can complete it even though I have like 5 other sets in binders that I still havent completed. Now how come I only have 7 Cards you ask? Simple. I got them through a Repack box. I hate those things but the variety and the chance of getting cards youve seen but dont have draws me in.  Topps didnt put traded sets for the NFL until 1989 but thats another post. Stay tuned the next set is Hockey but the question is which one? Find out tomorrow….