Time for another installment of Random Topps Set of the Day. The set for today is the one mentioned above.

This is a small set containing 198 cards. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I only collect cards from 2 sports. Last year I decided to expand on that and I told myself that I would begin to collect hockey cards in 2011.The set was distributed only in wax pack form since its a small set. For some reason Topps didnt make traded sets for hockey until about 10 years after this set hit shelves. There is one variation in this set and that is the Randy Cunneyworth card I dont know what number that is. How did I become interested in hockey cards? By watching the sport. The same reason I began collecting cards. When I watched hockey games I would only watch the winter classic. At first I got bored after the 1st period. But it wasnt until just this past season that I really began watching complete games due to the fact that the Blackhawks were in the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive year (To my knowledge). and everyone around me was excited that they were so close to the title. This is one of the first hockey sets I plan on completing. Tomorrow’s set will be on Basketball….