The first of what I hope to be of many breaks on this blog…

Yesterday I bought a $4 Repack box from walgreens. There arent any card shops around where I live so when I want to go by cards on my own I have to go to walgreens. I got a football repack (My only other choice was baseball). Out of 75 cards in the box 33 were from Topps and the other 42 were from sets from Upper Deck Pro Set and other 90s Sets

Here are the Topps cards

-1 2006 Tennessee Titans Team Set (12 Cards)

-10 1988 Cards bringing my total from that set to 17/396

-10 1989 Cards (5 were from the traded set) 4 of the 5 from the regular set actually filled a spot in the binder. The last of those 5 was a double-Alonzo Highsmith

-1 1987 Card-Dallas Cowboys Team Card