The 4th in the series. See? The blog is going across all sports. This is the 2007-08 topps basketball card set. It was the 1st basketball set I saw when I first collected.

How can that be if I started in 2006? The answer to that is because I started collecting around december of 2006 and so all I was able to buy in that year was 2 Rack packs of 2006 topps baseball. Actually I had a choice of every sport but I chose baseball.

Anyway this set is one that confuses me. Why? The set size. I dont have any basketball cards right now but if I did I wouldnt know how to put this in a binder. Its a 135 card set but there are 50 1957-58 variation cards as well making this a total of 185 cards so I dont know whether to put them together or not. Im thinking about not doing that since the variations dont look anything like the base set.

These cards were distributed in Pack form only. You could get every pack possible though. Jumbo Hobby Retail Rack Packs even those blaster packs. In 2007 I decided to go after football cards instead of these cards.

I need to make a change to the Random Topps Set of the Day. Even I find it boring and im the one writing it. Now that Ive covered all sports I dont know what set to write about next. So find out tomorrow when I decide…