2010 Topps #1 Prince Fielder


The 5th in the series. Now I know what youre thinking: If this is going to also be about chrome when are we going to see this? Well the answer to that is soon.  Why? Im going to make improvements to the segment and I want to get some info on these kinds of sets.

On Another subject though its time for the random set of the day,2010 Topps Baseball. Why am I posting about a set that was released this past year? Well because it will be known to me as a variation set. So many variations across the set it made me want to go after the junk wax sets (For me 1985-1993). I like variations but this past year was just too much to take in. I will collect the set but only when variations become cheaper to buy. I already have 1

Variation Subsets included Legends Pie in the Face Cards and Abe Lincoln cards. Across  Series 1 2 and update how many variations were there total? I think about 70-75 but the exact number is unknown to me. 1 thing I hate most about this set is the #661 Card-Stephen Strasburg. 5 Variations of a single Player? 2 or 3 is fine but 5? and 1 of them is almost impossible to get thanks to the million card giveaway which expires soon. Stay Tuned Improvements to this come soon and so will the next random set…

If youre wondering which variation I have its one of the Robinson Cano Pie in the Face cards.