I think they want me to go after that set. When I first saw the sell sheets for the set I had already planned on going for junk wax era sets only because its cheaper and I dont have any of those cards. I also thought: its topps’ 60th anniversary so why not go after it as well? Its a good design after all but I just dont have the money. A factory set alone is $40-60 and then the cost of card pages $10-30 for the whole set thats about $75-100 right there alone.

 The short prints: at least 50 alone in series 1 and 2 going anywhere from $10-50 so thats a total of about $300-450 once all are found I think. I do know this: its better to wait once they all go down. But just when I had decided not to go for it they lure me in again

Topps Series 2 sell sheets: what lured me in again to debate is the parallels. For the 1st time since 2009 (to my knowledge anyway) the short prints have bordered parallels as well. again just for its 60th year I thought: A multi-year project A complete set of diamond platinum Parallels! As of now I dont know what to do about the set.

I know I havent done A random Set of the Day Post in a while but ill get to that some time soon. Also coming soon: Another $4 Repack box Break of football cards.