I said I hated these things but I just can resist them. At least now I only have $2 for cards and I dont plan on buying any for a while. Anyway this repack box was purchased January 7th at walgreens. The same as my last post: 75 cards with about half being Topps. Lets see what I got

Football repack #2: 1 2006 Topps Raiders team set of 12 cards. (Thats why I got it but I would have been happy if it was a jets team set as well and im not saying that because theyre in the playoffs)

10 1988 Football Cards bringing my total to 27/396 with 1 double: Bill Brooks

12 1989 topps (of those 12 5 were from the traded set)

2 1990 Topps

1 1999 Topps card

so 37/75 not bad. Now I just got to keep away from the repacks…