Yes the day has finally come everyone! 2011 Topps is now out everywhere. Just one problem: Were going to have a hard time getting them. A blizzard has hit roughly 1 third of the US the good thing though is that school is closed. (Roads and other locations as well)

Anyway 2011 Topps baseball is finally out and along with that for the 3rd consecutive year come the shortprints. Heres the list  of the ones that have been found

5 : Lou Gehrig

20: Honus Wagner

Ah screw it I cant copy and paste it for some reason and I dont want to type up the whole thing so heres a list on

Before you look at the list also know that SSPs (Super Short Prints) Include Diamond Sparkle Cards. I wont be going after those because its a theyre very unnoticeable or minor variations much like the abe lincolns of 2010 (Im only going to go after the Milton Bradley one) but Ill get a picture on the blog and maybe when I go to a card shop ill buy some diamond parallels.

Thats all for now….