Congratulations to the st louis cardinals on their 11th world series title defeatin the rangers 4 games to 3 in a final score of 6-2

What do I have to say about the series:

Total Runs Scored: 68

Rangers: 30 Cardinals 38

Overall the series was pretty good.It featured the first 7 game series since 2002.

The Best Games (My opinion)

Game 3 STL 16 TEX 7 STL lead 2-1

Game 6: STL 10 TEX 9 STL (in 11 innings) Tied 3-3

Game 7 STL 6 TEX 2 STL Wins 4-3

All of these were good because they showed incredible offense defense and the ability to create suspense in the series.

How is this related to cards: It doesnt have to be related but topps will release the cardinals world series set while the rangers set may become a rare item. I might buy a set and save it for the next 10 years and see if it increases in value but I doubt it.

Once again congratulations to the Cardinals and coming from a cubs fan all I can say is I knew Larussa would win over Washington I really did. If you call me a liar go ahead and dont believe.

We will see baseball again in march 2012 and until then we have football and hockey to keep us busy….