No this is not what many of you might think. The information on upcoming topps sets was already released around july with 2012 topps series 1. What this title means is that I want to talk about how companies release information on next year’s sets months before anyone even begins to think about them. I looked on (Which is a great website by the way)  a few moments ago and I saw that there is an article for 2012 topps opening day. I already knew that there was an article on series 1 but the opening day one got me thinking: why would you give information on a set when there are some people who would rather wait for a set like this to be released. I might be wrong but before the internet werent the sets a surprise to everyone? I was born in 1994 so the internet might have already been created but I know that it wasnt used to display new baseball card designs. Wheres the surprise in seeing all of the new designs of next years sets? When I first started collection in 2007 I as surprised ot see the design. It was one of my favorites and it still is along with 2011 and even some vontage ones as well but what I wanted to say was that companies should STOP displaying these designs and go back to surprising people with them.