Today is a sad day for baseball. In just 2 weeks we go from worrying if 1 baseball player will be able to live to see another day and then we get news that another is dead. Today this post is going to be about Greg Halman. I had other things planned for today like my first trade post but that can wait. As we know Greg Halman was an outfielder for the Mariners. I consider him to be a Prospect. Although I may not know the exact defenition of Prospect I do know that playing for 2 seasons means that you still need a lot of work to really make it in any sport. Life in an industrial job is the same way. I am not going to know much about jobs yet but when I do I know that it will be a time to be serious. Again thats how baseball is…have fun but also be serious because you cant mess around while the rest of your team wants to win. Back to Halman. Reports say that he was stabbed to death around 5 am in Rotterdam which is somewhere in the Netherlands. Although I havent really read a full article concerning his death I find the information I posted to be consistent. Some last words for today’s post:  Let your prayers go out to his family,friends and the Mariners Organization. Theyll never find another person like Greg Halman.

Rest In Peace Greg Halman…you will be missed by me, every baseball fan and every Mariners fan but especially by your family.