Before I start to post on the subject of the post I would like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. I hope you all had fun with friends and family and are full of turkey ham or whatever it is you ate.

I would also like to say that I want to stop posting about baseball while there is no MLB games in progress. I just think that it shouldnt be done. Unfortunately I cant get off the subject…oh well. This post is to remember my first autograph. Back in 2007 I began my collection of topps cards. At this time it was only baseball and the occasional football pack as well. I remember that I was 12 years old at the time and that I had never bought a blaster before. When I did I thought I got a great value. (126 or so cards for $20 same as 10 retail packs) I got one just to get an experience of it. And I liked it because you know what the best card was? Of course you do you read the title right? An Autograph of James Loney

The card here is not an actual scan of my card but as you can see its what it looked like. Now you might ask well whats so important about this card? well its my very first autograph. What did I think of it when I first got it ? Not much actually. I knew it was a great card and the excitement only lasted about 5 minutes. I thought it was a one per box kind of thing so thats why I didnt appreciate it now?

After 5 years where is this card?: Well I still have it. Its sitting in a a toploader in my room inside a box all with soft corners. I held it alot and I dont really protect my cards like alot of other collectors do .

Have I gotten any others since then?: Only 1 out of a repack which I bought in order to get some wrappers for my binders.  I sent that one to Pat Neshek in a ttm request (Which I havent gotten back but im not worried)

Will I ever trade or sell it?: No I dont think I ever will (If youre reading this Night Owl im sorry. Maybe I would if it had been a 2nd hit)

Thats pretty much all I wanted to share tonight. Dont know why exactly but thats blogging. You can say whatever it is yuo want and not have to worry Like I said in my first post thats what blooging is: A way to express thoughts and Ideas.

And now I want to ask my readers (That is if I even have any) Do you remember the first Auto or relic or whatever it was you got? What did you do with it? And do you still have it? If you would like to share your experience please post in the comments. I would enjoy reading it…Thats all for today…enjoy the card