Finally I get to open my first full box of anything and this one is the one for one of my favorite football sets ever! 1988 topps football. Back wehn I was doing the Topps Set of the day (Which  I will do again in about a month) I worte a bit about it and if  i remember correctly I said that I was goiing to buy this set. And I did back in may. I ordered it from unfortunately it took them 6 MONTHS to ship it. Thats right 6 months. Of course thats my fault because I had picked things that were out of stock. When you think about it though its not really that hard to find a junk wax era box right? NO! there should be plenty to sell. I was hoping I would be able to open it this year but I guess Ill have to wait until 2012 to open it. Its still a month away but I can wait. Besides its not like I dont have 2011 topps football to open right now. Im about 1 fourth of the set complete without the SPs. I might post a pack or 2 once I start opening it. Still not sure. Im so close to finishing my 2011 topps baseball set. From Opening Day to Series 2 I need about 160 cards. Hopefully I can finish that but if not ill just trade something next year for them.