Recently by which I mean about a month ago I emailed dayf who you know runs a blog called the cardboard junkie. Ive been reading it for about 2 years and its actually pretty good. Since its almost 11pm where I live I just want to give a brief detail about the trade

What I sent: 30 diamond platinum anniversary cards from series 1 all the way to the update set. And a few bonus cards as well (Hopefully he doesnt have them yet)

What I got in return: A huge portion of 2011 set needs and some topps baseball cards from 1986-93 which I asked for. Plus a bonus sketch card of godzilla which is pretty good by the way I like the blue beam shooting out of his mouth. Id show it to you all here but I dont have a scanner to do it. Go to his blog check it out if you havent already. Hopefully he posted that sketch card on there.

Good Trade?: Yeah of course it was. I got at least 60 cards that I needed and im down to about 50 from the first 3 sets combined (Opening Day-Series 2) and I got a lot of cards from preciously mentioned years which now is going to take me a few days to get organized.

Any Notable cards?: This is a new feature im going to do in future trade posts. With this one dayf sent about 6 small packages each containing about 60 cards. Before I get off the subject yes there were notable cards. Dennis Eckersley (1987) Dave LaPoint (1986) Randy Wells,Starlin Castro (Both 2011) and a few others I just cant remember the names at the moment and I also havent opened everything yet since I have to get all my cards organized. Its going to take a while and its getting kind of frustrating. Ill probably have more on this once i get everything sorted.

Stay tuned for the next post…