So in my last post which was months ago I mentiomed that I was going to keep from posting until i get my computer fixed. That didnt happen. I got a wordpress app.for my phone and that is how im going to post now.

While im on that subject let me just say that you might find a few things in error.

1 the occasional period between words. Like.this.sentence here. And other errors

I have a touch screen phone and the keyboard is small so I may press some buttons that I dont mean to.

2, 3- posting from a phone sucks. Its just too time consuming. And yes 2 and 3 are one thing  as ive said a fee times before I need to start posting again and again and yes, again. This blog is too inconsistent with posts and time between them.

4 I need to bring back the few features I have. The random topps set of the day and a few other things ive thought of.

5 new features. Same as 4 not much to explain there

6 get wantlist/set haves up.

If I want to get this really small and insignificant blog recognizable I need to start making it known

I guess thats it for now. I really got to work on the blog.