Im still working on my blog posting. Anyway I had originally planned for this post to be about only 1 package but I dont want to leave anyone out. So here they are alphabetically

Cardboard Junkie:

This package was part of dayf’s super bowl contest I won a while back. I entered thinking I might not win but it was still fun

The contest

Guess the winning team and the number of points they would score. Whoever came closer got a prize of various football cards.

My guess was Giants and 26. I was closest from all people who picked giants to win so I won the prize.

He later emailed me and asked to give him a list of teams/players I like. Since im not a team collector I.made an alternative choice and gave him a list of a few cards I needed and told him to send a few more cards as well.

Heres what I received in order of year (No pictures)

1 1969 topps card
A bunch of cards from 1970-93
Topps chrome cards from 2000,2003 and 2004

All of the cards were new to me. Many of the designs are cool. Out of the ones he sent I think I like the 1976 topps best. Reminds me of 1981 topps baseball because they both contain something used in the sport in the design.
1976: football
1981: batter’s helmet

The 1985’s are interesting too. Black borders and the design overall looks like it was hastily put together

Crinkly Wrappers:

The crinkly wrappers guy (wont give out his real name) recently decided to get rid of some of his 2011 topps cards. I gave him a list of what I needed and heres what I got

What I got: various 2011 set needs and sone topps chrome

With this package I finished my series 1 base set. Series 2 is 4 cards away. As for the chrome im up to 70 cards for the set. I think i have enough cards to start a binder for the set. Thanks! I really appreciate this package (and of course the ones from everyone else too)


this was a purchase. I bought a 1987 1988 and 1990 topps traded sets for $15. ($7 for the sets $8 for shipping) I think its a great deal. You might not. Whatever I dont care.

Any Notable Cards?:
yes a few

Cardboard Junkie: 1969 bobby maples (oldest card in the lot)

Crinkly Wrappers: Chipper Jones chrome Andre Ethier chrome

HadWayTooMuch: 1987 Topps Traded Ron Cey

Anyway thats it for now