I recently made an offer to thorzul who writes the blog: throzul will rule. Since im not all that good at doing trade posts ill just write them the same way ive done the last 3

What I sent: 30+ 2011 topps baseball cards which included a few kimball minis 2 base cards and a bunch of other inserts

What I got in return: some cards from various years which included cards from sets such as 2007 opening day 1984 topps baseball and also my first basketball cards. Before the trade I only had 1 but this raises my total which is a good thing.
I also forgot to mention some 2006 topps chrome. Im always happy getting chrome I dont have

Good Trade?: Yes! Any time I can get rid of a lot of inserts in 1 trade is a great trade for me because I hate most inserts (parallels are the only cards I like and those technically are inserts)

Notable Cards: Id have to say the 2 1984 topps cards he sent. 1984 topps is slowly becoming one of my favorite 80’s sets.

Thats all I have to say at this point. I have to start posting pictures of my trades…