Introducing a new series that I can hopefully keep posting. This will be a one per week thing in case I ever have a hard time thinking of something to write.

Ok. I dont really know why I italicized that thing. Anyway this is a new thing called things about card collecting that irritate me. I know everyone has something they hate about it.

This weeks topic is inserts. Why inserts you ask? Because its all basically pack filler thats why!

Sure 1 per pack is fine but in todays packs you have 2-3 and in jumbo packs 10 inserts. I get it, its an exciting little chase but do we really need all those inserts? I dont.think so. As I said 1 per pack is okay. Every company has had at least 1 insert per pack even if it was just an ad. But now you get 2-3 per pack and on top of that have about 5-10 insert sets in a product as well.

Why the need for so many inserts? For me this is irritating because im just a set collector so when I see an insert I think why cant it be like the 50s again where the ads were on wrappers and all you got were base cards? Not the case anymore. I may be getting a bit redundant but I really hate that now inserts are everywhere.

I know a solution would be to just buy singles of cards but for a modern set wheres the fun in that? I like opening packs. I go to the dollar store and get packs. those little 5 card packs have no inserts at all. Thats the way it should be. I like parallels. Does that seem a bit hypocritical? Yes but I dont consider parallels to be inserts. Rather I consider them as a nice little bonus. Inserts and parallels are 2 different things.

If companies want to put inserts in packs fine but heres a suggestion: limit them to one per pack and just make 1 or 2 insert sets. If you did that id have no problem with it

Thats it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it…