Im not too fond of this concept and I have a right not to be. However recently I realized that player collections arent just picking a random player and getting every single card ever made. No they are done for a specific reason

The same goes for team collections. Now you may be wondering why I am writing about this. There is no specific reason im just thinking of starting one.

Im a set collector first and a team/Player collector second. Who have I decided to collect?

These Guys
Before I get to it I just want to say that I will list reasons why I collect what I collect.


MLB: Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente

Reasons: Mantle: Yes he is a hall of famer and whatever but ive decided to collect him because of his later years. See what most people dont know is that he was an alcoholic and therefore battled alcoholism. That makes me think that he truly is a hero in that sense and therefore deserves recognition for something other than baseball.

Clemente: This is where you get to learn a bit about me. Why? This is why. Roberto Clemente is one of many hispanic ballplayers in the sport. I am of hispanic descent. Anyway Clemente’s death on the last day if 1972 is worthy of recognition because he died doing a great service. He died on a plane heading to nicaragua to help those people. He was warned not to go but did it anyway. Like the postal workers weather didnt matter to him as long as he did something helpful


Players: Warren Moon

Reasons: No real reason I guess I just admire the man for his work with the oilers