Whats that? #2 in this series on things that irritate me about card collecting.


Yes I capitalized all that on purpose. You see toploaders are meant to store specific cards because of various reasons

1: their value
2: player collections
3: autographs
4: age of cards

I see no problem whatsoever with these things. I have about 12 and I keep every one I recieve. The ones labeled rookie card like the one at the beginning of the post are the ones I hate. Why? Because there is absolutely no reason why I or any other card collector should keep rookie cards in toploaders! Rookie cards are a gamble in the collecting world I get it but what if the guy doesnt turn out to be good or if the card collecting world goes into another junk wax type phase?

Your rookie cards then become worthless. I have about 4 ubaldo jimenez rookie cards. Did I buy them at a card shop? No. did I keep them in toploaders? No. So what did I do with them? Nothing. I jist stored them in my box along with all my other extra cards. I figured if any cards gain value its the player.on the card more than the condition its in.

Take a 1952 mickey mantle for example. Look at the value of a raw (ive seen this term used to mean ungraded) card. Whats it worth today? At least $1500. From a 5¢ pack which today in terms of inflation would be $2-10 not sure. My point is even in terrible condition card is worth alot over time. And yes technically 52 topps is mantles 2nd year card.

Back to rookie card toploaders. I hate them because I dont collect rookies. Remember im a set collector first and a player collector next. Will I keep receiving them? Yes. Do I want to give them away? Definetly. The main point of this is I want to see companies stop making rookie card toploaders. Most of us know a players rookie card and with the designation on cards these days we dont need a toploader to tell us that. Ill take a regular toploader any day just not a rookie card one

I hope you all enjoyed my little rant today. Happy Easter to you all!….