yes im really irritated by both my computer at the moment. Theres a post I want to make but for some reason I cant get the picture on there because the internet is slow. I have another post I just put after attempting to post it through my phone. That was unsuccessful. Anyway Im nearly bacl to blogging. I wanted to post earlier but the internet wasnt displaying the wordpress page. Stupid internet sometimes I just really hate it. If I can get a few more drafts written ill  debut a new feature on here pretty soon. I also got to get to work on some of the old stuff like the random topps set of the day. I havent even posted on basketball football or even hockey and this is supposed to be a multi-sport blog. Not cool if you dont live up to it. It really sucks if you dont. Maybe in a month or so ill be back to blogging from my computer. That got fixed a few days ago. Until then I think ill just write a few draft posts. Im being redundant now I know so I should shut up. lol.

The good thing is I think the blog is finally getting some recognition. Ive seeen my reader/view/whatever counter go up and I know thats also a feature on the blogger site. Good to see. Thats going to get me motivated to write more…no it actually wont.

Thats all Ill say for now. Stay tuned for more….