Not sure if the title makes sense but this is one of those short posts that are only about one question. Since I already said the title may not make sense I hope this does because im not good at explaining things:

When people with blogs leave comments they usually have a name. For example. The person who writes the blog Emerald City Diamond gems has Mariner1 when he comments

By the way that blogger (dont know if its a guy or not. Women can blog too. Im a guy by the way in case youre wondering) is having some.sort of group break with a box of 1979 topps.

Back to the main subject. Is there a way to change your comment name? I left a comment there and it shows up as toppscards. I put that when I first started this blog but now that im commenting I feel that name if you want to call it that is too plain or in other words generic. I dont like it so I.want to change it. If anyone knows how please let me know. Leave a comment or whatever. Thats all I wanted to ask.

It turns out it wasnt a short post after all…