Okay. Let me start out by saying that the picture may or may not show up on this post. If it does good if not then ill describe it. Another thing I wanted to point out was that these purchases are not in any particular order. 1-4 are just in whatever order I remembered to post them and 5- onwards are in whatever order I recieve them or whatever order I choose to post them in

Onto the subject. This purchase comes from member marcjack. For $3 I bought a 2007 topps chrome ryan sweeney auto. This is #335 in the set. This is my 2nd chrome auto and my 4th overall. I had originally planned to buy some SPs from him but when I found out it was $23 for both I decided this was cheaper for me at the moment. Also not to be rude but I could get more SPs for $23 if I could find sellers willing to sell that low. But I understand you want to make money so its all good.

Anyway thanks for the deal on the auto marcjack and to my readers keep reading.