If anyone doesnt want to read this post let me save you the trouble by saying DONT READ THIS POST!!! if youre going to read I suggest you dont complain Okay?

Here we go…


As you may or may not know, one of the first posts I made on this blog this year was on Joseph Kony. You know the guy right? Hes a leader of….Uganda? Some country, whatever. There was this video on youtube that was posted and we all got into this sort of hype about it. “help those people. Stop Kony Poor ugandans” If I can figure out how to link to past posts id do it but I cant so I wont. Anyway the point of this post is to discuass how amazingly all the hype has died down and no one really seems to care anymore. I certainly dont (no offense to those people suffering) but it seems like people today have a short attention span. Let me explain: Theres that whole kony thing  2 months back, Treyvon Martin which is still going on (and I have to say while that is tragic people have to realize that only the justice systmem can do something about it). Wait that came out wrong but im not deleting that sentence since im one of those people that can admit their mistakes.

Back to the point short attention spans. There was Haiti in 2010 Japan in 2011 Indonesia in 2004-05 or was ot 2003-04? I have to look that up. The point is weve helped those people affevted only to forget about them a few months later. Sure we helped them but to truly care is to keep watch on how everything is going. One example is the US presidential elections. Sure this is national news but this is always something people care about whether they realize it or not. Every day or so theres some kind of updare, Romney this Santorum this other thing Obama did this. Its everywhere you look.


My point is we have short attention spans. Thats why I think this whole Kony thing has become really Irrelevamt. So my final question related to the whole ordeal. The video mentioned something will happen on April 20th. With it being the 21st I ask: What happened? Something or nothing? What? I dont know do you?

Okay thats enough of a rant for today. On an unrelated note the NBA Playoffs are starting soon so get ready to finally see a real basketball related post. If this is a multisport blog with some unrelated stuff in between then that is what it shall be….