A long time ago I had written a draft on this trade. Now I cant really seem to remember what it was so ill do the best I can.

so the trade was with hiflew of cards from the quarry and like I said it was a long time ago so I dont recall a thing. Im being redundant

What I sent: Various topps stuff and some donruss cards that he needed

What I got: 55 1988 Topps baseball cards

Comments: you may be wondering why 1988 topps when you can just buy a couple of wax boxes for like $8-10 each? Simple. We all need to get rid of a few cards now and then. Sure I dont mind having a bunch of extra cards lying around however I really want to get rid of anything and I really mean anything that is NOT TOPPS!! Okay that was unnessecary. Crap I dont even know how to spell today. Im lucky my post is even understandable. And also at the moment I dont have a big enough storage box to put all my extra cards so right now my problem is space. I forgot where I was going with this, oh well it happens. This was a great trade though. I still need to get that trade list updated, well actually more like finished but that will take a while especially with all the donruss I have lying around unsorted. Oh and topps inserts I hate them too. Basically I will just collect the base set and if I complete a few insert sets in between you can bet ill trade them away.

Sorry this wasnt much of a trade post. I promise the next will be even better