Time for another installment of the blowout cards forums. As a member of the forums ive had my share of comments, trades, and purchases there. Its mostly been purchases. Ive only traded twice and i have a total of about 500 posts although im not actually at that number yet. Anyway this purchase was from member JoeD617

For $7 I bought 4 SPs and there are pictures below. (I think)


and lastly…

Its the Update Series version (US#309)



Once again $7 got me these 4 cards and that was $7 shipped for an average price of $1.75 per SP! Now I know not to buy the rest of the SPs until the price goes way down. When these first came out they would have sold for maybe $10-30 right? Now youre lucky if you can get at least $5 for it. So heres my 2011 SP count with this purchase

Base: 3

Platinum Diamond: 1

Cognac: 3

for a total of: 7!!!

Am I looking to get the SPs from all the parallels? No. Just the base ones. The Cognac and platinum diamond SPs are up for trade. That reminds me that I need to get that trade list done. That will probably take me a year. lol….