So as we all know topps made a #661 of strasburg in 2010. This year we get a 661 of bryce harper

From beckett:

First things, first … Harper will have autographed cards appearing in all forthcoming Topps products this year. (Need a Harper checklist or OPG? Click here.) Specific details for the rest of the products will include:

In 2012 Bowman arriving May 9, Harper will be the No. 2 Bowman Lucky Redemption, which will be limited to just 100 and be good for an autographed card with the rookie design.

In Topps Series 2, Harper will be a short-printed base card —card No. 661 —found in both hobby and retail packs. He also will have an autographed version of the card, which is seen here.

(no picture. Sorry)

Hell also be in topps chrome and tier 1. Ill be looking.for the 661 of harper. Not the auto though

Also 1 last thing. The factory set will have a photo variation. So my question is: how many variations will we get of this guy? 2? 3? 700?

Well just have to wait and see…