You all thought this was over didnt you? Well you were wrong….

Hit…. What defines a “hit”? My hobby defenition: a hit is any good card. In the early days of card collecting all the way to the late 1980s a hit would be a star card such as stan musial oj simpson warren moon daryle lamonica mickey mantle gordie howe etc. and rookies.

To clarify what this is about its not that I hate relics or autos its just that I hate that todays collector is mostly a memorabilia. To further specify my hate its the memorabilia on a card type of collector.

To me thats fine if you actually try to put together a base set but if all you do is open packs and only look for any relics or whatever and just ignore the base cards thats what irritates me.

Memorabilia collectors: buy all that stuff once you see it available. In other words if you only look for relics DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OPENING PACKS OF CARDS!!!!

To me the set collector is dying. On the blowout cards forum most of the things I see up for sale or trade are these kinds of things. I rarely see anyone looking for base cards. If an auto is needed to complete a set ill buy it. An example.of 2007 topps chrome baseball. All the.rookies are autos.

If its an insert thats not needed for any base set ill completely ignore it. If I get a hold of one and have no such as some non topps ttm autograph cards ill sell or trade them for other cards. The only reason id.keep something like this is because it is something very special to me. An example of this is a james loney autograph I got from my very first blaster of 2007 topps. I bought it 5 years ago and its not in the best condition but even if it.was id never sell it. Even if loney has a great season goes into the hall of fame or dies it will stay in my collection.

Once again the thing that irritates me about hits is that there are people who call themselves collectors but only look for the hits. Ive said this before: im a set collector first and hits is way down on my list. Id do team and player collections before I ever collect hits only. To me its just not right. Cards were meant to be enjoyed and hits were meant to bring people closer to the game. Not to be sold.

Remember this is just what I.dont like. I respect everyones way.of collecting whether its base sets.or just hits.

Is there anything that you dont like about card collecting? If so leave a.comment and ill post it here on my blog!

Stay tuned for the next post…

Oh and one last thing:
Feliz cinco de mayo! (May.5th.for.anyone that doesnt know.spanish)