I dont feel too good today. Ive been like that since monday. If youre eating right now id hate to tell you this but I think I got diarrhea. If you want ill post a picture of my toilet lol! But seriously its not too bad.

Enough about diarrhea heres a return from chargers safety vencie glenn. He played in the NFL from 1986-1995. He played for the patriots chargers and a few other teams before finishing his career with the giants in 1995. I sent this on february 28 Got it back monday which was cool because that was my birthday. I sent 4 1988 topps cards and offered him 2. I got all 4 back signed in pen.

The cards are #s 2 and 214 in the set

You cant see the autos but they say peace, vencie glenn. Both of the record breaker cards are signed peace and joy but next to his picture on one of the record breaker cards he wrote “me”. Thats going into my 1988 topps binder.

Thanks mr glenn.

By the way thats the first 2 to come in for my autograph set. 2 down 391 to go!!