Do you ever confuse card designs? Well I do but its not too often that happens.

Two of the sets that I sometimes get confused are 1991 & 1992 topps. The baseball card is a 1992 topps gold parallel and the football card is 1991 topps. Now what is it that im confused about? The borders. Look at the sides of each of the borders. They both have these lines going down that sort of look like a border within a border.

The only way that I can tell the difference is by looking at the way the name is displayed on the bottom. 1992 has a box for the player name and a box for a team name. In 1991 both are displayed on the same horizontal box. Its a wonder I can even tell them apart but I have…successfully.

Off the top of my head I can identify 2 more designs I get confused. Thats for another post.



Actually heres a better comparison.
1992 on top and 1991 on the bottom. You see what I mean now?
See those lines I mentioned down the sides? Confusing right?

What are some designs that you often get confused? Is it 1991 & 1992 topps like me or are they some other designs? Id like to see what everyone else says…..