3 weeks 3 updates…. Heres where the teams are now


76ers-Celtics: series tied at 2
Pacers-Heat: Pacers lead 2-1


Spurs-Clippers: Spurs lead 2-0
Lakers-Thunder: Thunder lead 2-1

Comments: this round has been a big surprise to me. At least in the east it has. Look at that. The pacers and 76ers lead in the series against 2 of the best teams? Amazing. If they win that could be an interesting conference finals matchup.

In the west the spurs lead. No surprise there. However they have won each game by only a few points. I guess this shows the clippers have a good defense against the spurs but not good enough to win a game.

The lakers finally won a game yesterday! They wont get swept like they did last season. They have a chance to tie the series today.

I think theyll win….