Memorial Day…one of the few days we have out of the year to remember our men and women who have served in our nations millitary. Nothing card related today but I will say that there have been many atheletes who have served in the forces in addition to your everyday civillian.

Heres 5 of them

Bob Feller (WWII) enlisted in 1941 just 2 days after the pearl harbor attack

Roger Staubach (1960s-70s in Vietnam)- Served as a supply officer

Hank Greenberg- (WWII) Drafted in time for WWII but ended up not serving due to suffering from a medical condition. Ended up in the armed forces as a volunteer

Pat Tillman (2000s Afghanistan/Terrorism)- One of the more famous atheletes to die in the service. Played in the NFL for the cardinals. Killed in 2004 from friendly fire.

Ted Williams (WWII, Korean War)- Served as a pilot and flight instructor. Although this is more important than sports I would like to think that had he not served he would have had even better stats than he does now.

Once again take this memorial day to reflect on people who have served overseas and those who are currently fighting in wars representing our country.


Also one last note about this blog: In 4 days or so youll be seeing a post that may have been accidentally published before. If you did see it then I dont need to go into detail. If not then youre in for a surprise