I havent done very many of these and I apologize. I try to keep the blog as fun as possible but I guess I havent done that. Anyway heres a Pack of 1988 Topps Football


One thing I like about my blog is that sometimes I post actual pictures as opposed to scans. Also just to note im missing 5 cards from this set. Lets start the pack break shall we?

Here it goes….


The wrapper: I like buying wax packs because I can use the wrappers later as binder labels


The gum… 24 years old…stale…broke a bit as I chewed it….not that bad actually!


Gum contains BHT to maintain freshness…hmmm I guess it doesnt prevent staleness

Onto the cards:

354 Jeff Smith
301 Jets team card
284 Harry Carson
23 John Elway
348 Reggie Williams
347 Tim Krumie

When I opened a cello pack box of this I noticed some of the cards are in the pack consecutively (ex. 262,263) I guess the same goes for wax packs

129 Mike Prior
173 Mike Merriweather
72 Willie Gault
104 Mike Rozier
175 Patriots team card
15 Steve Cox
211 Jim Lachey
88 Kevin Mack
216 1987 NFL Recieving Leaders


And the glossy card….

13 Rueben Mayes 1000 yard club.
Most of those inserts from this year contain a note at the bottom saying that for the 1987 season 750 yards are needed to be in the club. Mayes had 917

And so we have reached the end of our pack break. I didnt get any of the cards I was missing but this break wasnt all bad. I could use these cards for TTM requests later. I really enjoyed opening my first wax pack ever! Hope you enjoyed it…