Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting for a while ive had a lazy/busy week. Yes its been a bit of both. I graduated high school friday (yes high school youve all been reading an 18 year old’s blog but its not like im the only young guy here). and I just havent really had any ideas to post here. Thats all going to change though.  Anyway the subject here is the NBA Playoffs. The heat made it again and the Thunder have made it for the first time ever in their 5 year existence. (well more like 2nd if you go back to the seattle years)  Lets review the conference finals


The heat beat the Celtics in 7 games. This coming off a 2-0 start then losing 3 to boston and then winning the last 2. Amazing right? Maybe not really.


The thunder beat the spurs in 6. Im not going into details because I didnt really follow any of the games let alone the round on both ends.

I say congratulations to the Thunder and the Heat. But who will win? I say the heat. They lost last season against dallas but the thunder have a shot at “history”. History is in quotes because of what I stated earlier.  Durant vs Wade…..interesting match up. The finals start this tuesday on ABC. Im predicting a Heat victory this year and if they dont well then they just suck. But then again a lot of teams have had back to back failures in the championship of their respective sport.

On another note I have recieved a few packages from various members of the Blowout cards forum. Not sure when ill be posting those but I can guarantee it will be before the end of this month. I also requested my frst delivery on Topps’ diamond giveaway. Im hoping I can get 4 by the end of the month. hmmm 3 deliveries in 18 days….its possible but we’ll see how that goes. I got a lot that I won there and ill be explaning how once I get it.