Ok. Im officially back to doing the random topps set of the day. This is the…7th overall? I think. If its not well then ill have to go back and check.

Today’s set: 2007 topps baseball

Card Featured: #40 Derek Jeter Gold Parallel

Set name: 2007 Topps Baseball

Cards in set: Opening Day: 220

Series 1: 330

Series 2: 330

Updates and Highlights: 330

Any variations: Yes

Comments: Okay. This new way of posting the random topps set of the day might be a bit dull. I get it but its better than the way I used to do it which was saying random things about it that probably didnt make any sense. So this set is one of topps sets of the past decades that had its share of variations. From different signatures in factory sets (Ryan Braun) to no signatures (Paul Maholm, Paul LoDuca, Yadier Molina) this thing was full of variations. One of the more notable ones was derek jeter. The pack version which you see at the top of the post was later changed to some other picture that im too lazy to look for at the moment. This is the main reason why im getting rid of all the cards I got from packs and only buying the factory set. For $40 its a pretty good strategy. You get all the variations  included in the Factory Sets and then you just buy the pack versions online or trade for them. This means you have very few extra cards tom deal with.

For me the set is 1210+ cards because I plan on collecting all 4 sets (Opening Day Series 1,2 and U&H) This set has a bunch of inserts and a few parallels. Its notable because its the first base set since 1971 to use black borders and also its one of over half of topps sets to use facsimile signatures. I remember I was so excited when I opened a pack and saw how each player signed their names. “How awesome!” I thought. Now I think its still cool and I kind of miss it.

Thats all im saying about this set. Dont worry youll see some chrome and heritage and finest and a bunch of other topps sets too.