Time for the new Random Topps Set of the Day (I stopped a year and a half ago so this is technically new isnt it?). Today we are looking at 1996 Topps Chrome Baseball

1996 Topps Chrome Cal Ripken

Cards In Set: 165

Card Featured: #28 Cal Ripken Jr.

Any Other Information of Card/Set: This card features the end of Cal Ripken’s Consecutive games played streak. The card says May 30,1992 to September 6,1990 ending the streak at 2131 Games

This was the first release of the Topps Chrome Brand. This was a Small set compared to the ones released in 2 Series. This was one of Topps last Baseball sets to either feature a Mickey Mantle Card or anyone on a #7 card until 2006. The Number was retired by Topps when Mickey Mantle died in 1995. The #7 cards from 2006 onwards might have been issued as a tribute to him. Boxes of 1996 Topps Series 1 include “Mickey Mantle Commemorative Set” at the top. Looking at the checklist  from the Trading Card Database I see that the First 12 cards have STP next to them. Does anyone know what that might mean?

Get ready for the next set….