Ok time for another random topps set of the day. This one is 1996-97 topps basketball.

I apologize for not havong a picture. I tried putting one on here and when I did I waasnt able to post any text. I dont know much about this set so off the top of my head here are some details


Cards in set: 221

Variations: none

Comments: Okay this is turning out to be a disasterous post and I apologize but thats what happens when you cant post a picture. This set is famous for Kobe Bryant’s RC which is valued at what….like $30? I know the chrome version is worth like 200 and graded high its at least in the 800-1000 range. While Ive been focusing on more modern sets in this feature so far Im not promising anything but I will say that I will try to focus on vintage sets as well. I will also post sets from other brands besides topps and topps chrome. I dont collect heritage or finest but ill do those as well.

Again I apologize for this post Ill try to have a better one for you tomorrow