Time for todays random topps set of the day: 1955 Topps Baseball. Todays set is the first of many vintage sets. 1955 Topps

By 1955 topps had already produced a hockey set and it was on its way to producing its first football set

Cards in set: about 280

Card Featured: Hank Aaron

Comments: interesting thing about early topps sets is that some players actually didnt have cards in these sets because they signed contracts with Bowman which was then its own company and that gives me an idea for more posts. As I said some players didnt have contracts with topps meaning that this set wasnt exactly 280. Im too lazy to go check it out but I think 276 of the 280 planned exist. The good think however is that it makes this set not so expensive due to Mickey Mantles absence and also some other stars as well.