Time for todays random topps set of the Day. 1998-99 Topps Finest Hockey. A quick note first: I used to be able to post a picture and then be able to write a couple of paragraphs under the picture I cant do it anymore I dont know why. Anyway todays random topps set is the first set featured from Topps Finest. I often see this labeled just as finest and not topps finest. Sure its not necessary since we know its made by topps and it even says topps finest on the cards but what makes people refer to it as finest? To clarify when people say topps chrome they mention topps chrome and label everything as topps chrome. I guess maybe its because theres no Bowman Chrome or Panini Chrome (I know thats not real I made that up) but it should still be labeled as topps finest.

Cards in set: 150

Variations: None

Comments: I like finest I dont know why. Maybe it has to do with my enjoyment of chrome stock and shinyness. The thing about finest though is that it is a hobby only product so the only way I can get my hands on a few cards is by trading or going to a shop and buying some or doing the purchasing online. Thats also why I kind of dont want to collect finest because its not available at retail stores like target walmart etc. Chrome is though. I also dont like the 100 card sets being put out recently. 1 card in 1 page doesnt look right. It looks so…Lonely just sitting in the pocket all by itself. Although I will say that by looking at this set Im debating on whether or not to collect finest even if they have some odd numbered sets.

Get ready for tomorrows set