Todays random topps set of the day is 1970 Football

Id like to say first that ill stop putting “Topps” in my titles. You all know that this is a Topps Card blog right? Right. and if you dont know that then pay attention lol. So todays topps set is 1970 football


Yes the card I chose to feature is OJ Simpsons rookie card.  He really doesnt deserve all the attention for the stuff he did podt football. So what if he did it let it go! (Did what? well…look  it up) Now remember this is a card blog so its about sports.

OJ Played for the bills during the 1970s and maybe some of the 1980s I believe. I actually do own a few 1970 topps cards from this set but I dont own the OJ card above.

I apologize if the quality of these posts have gone down recently. All of these posts from the 15th onward have been scheduled