Todays set in continuation with vintage week is 1958 Topps Football. 1958 Topps is one of the very first football sets ever produced by the company.



1958 I believe uses the same design as its baseball counterpart. Actually I just checked and it doesnt. 1959 baseball uses this design. Odd. Thats the first time ive seen that. Two same designs in two different years. 1958 topps was one of the sets in which topps made both cards for the NFL and the CFL

Cards in set: NFL: 132 CFL: 88  Total: 220

Card Featured: NFL Jim (Jimmy) Brown RC #62

Comments: As I said 1958 Topps has both a NFL and CFL Counterpart. Amazingly though it is one of topps smaller sets of its time at 132 cards. Again the total is 220 if you want both the NFL and CFL sets. The Jimmy Brown RC is worth at least $160. I saw a PSA 8 on ebay that had a buy it now of $2500!

Tomorrows set is another vintage set. Stay Tuned….