This break is my first hockey pack ever. It is one of the packs I bought from a member on the blowout cards forum


The pack…again I apologize for it being upside down. Whenever I take a picture sometimes my Phone likes to take them so that it shows up upside down. I dont know why. It fixes itself.


The Gum

Cracked a bit more than the one from the 1988 Football pack I opened a while back but it still didnt taste bad.


First card: Mike Modano- Minnesota North Stars. C0ol a card of a team from a different city. I like those kinds of cards. I do know that the stars are now in Dallas but things like this show a bit of hockey history


348 Mike Modano
227 Mark Osborne
254 Pelle Eklund
117 Doug Brown
134 Barry Pederson
175 Mario Lemieux


Awesome! Lemieux! Theres one guy ive heard of

259 Brendan Shanahan
349 Jeff Reese
295 Jeff Brown

So we have 2 guys named Jeff in this pack. Thats also the 2nd guy whose last name is Brown

294 Darren Puppa All Star

Hmmm….is it puh-pah or poo-pah?

268 Doug Smail
158 Mario Marois
272 Dan Quinn
106 Greg Adams

The Glossy Card


11 Dale Hawerchuk.

Not the greatest pack ever but I did manage to get a hockey card of a guy I recognize. And ive gotten here my first 15 hockey cards of my collection. Its a start and I like it!!!