Hey everyone! I recently heard of this site called Listia.com. Now before you go and be skeptical about this post NO I have not been hacked im not going nuts and this is definetly not a robot. AND this is also not any sort of Spam-Like post. Now when I say recently I mean about 3 days ago right here

http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/2012/06/if-i-had-to-be-salesman-i-wouldve.html  Thats on the Night Owl Cards blog. Now if I could figure out how to make it look like a clickable link that says something like “This” or “Here”. Im not too concerned about that at the moment. Now Listia as Night Owl put it is “Like ebay only you deal in credits not cash”. Okay those arent the exact words but the concept is true. You deal in credits not cash. Although sometimes there are auctions in which youll find that you have to pay shipping and handling for a few things but most of what youll find is free.

When you sign up you get 500 credits and a few more if someone invites you. (This would be a great time for me to post an invite but I DONT KNOW HOW!!!!!) So when someone invites you its a win-win thing. I get credits and the person you invite gets credits as well.

The rest you can pretty much figure out yourself. You can make a pretty good buisness for yourself if you manage things right. Ive got 2 auctions there. One for a mycoke rewards code and one is a $10 Topps Online Gift Card. My username is TC804 so If you ever see any of my auctions bid and wait to see if you win.

Thats it for now. Remember not a spam post. I like that site and it seems pretty safe. You dont have to use it but im just suggesting you all try it out.

Go here to try it out. Listia.com

ToppsCollector out. See you all tomorrow