Todays topps set is the 6th in vintage week. Yes there will be one set EVERY…..SINGLE…..DAY!!!!!! This set is one of topps’ very first sets ever made. 1954-55 topps hockey is the forst hockey set ever issued. Like basketball it had a rough start. I believe there are a few years in between that are skipped but I think thats in the 1980s. Im not posting a picture (however there is a link) because right now my internet is slow and because of that it takes a really long time to post a picture

This goes for all posts until my internet gets back up to speed.

The card above I believe is Terry Sawchuk. To be honest the only player I recognize in the set is Gordie Howe.

Cards in set: 60

Variations: None

Comments: Like many of our early collectors the kids would place stacks of cards in rubber bands. The 1st and last cards are hard to find in great condition. Its amazing to see how sports were back then. You have hockey players without masks football players without all the stuff we have today. Makes me think weve become more sensetive to injuries.

Remember all the posts from June 15 – now and a future undetermined date are scheduled. That means I am writing these ahead of time and not in front of my computer on June 27 2012. Tomorrow’s set is the last set of vintage week. Its a good one. Guess what it is……Go on guess…….