You knew this one was coming at some point. I said a few weeks ago that I would stop writing “Topps” in the titles. Well now that I think about it Im going to keep it in order to distinguish it from Topps Chrome Topps Finest Topps Stadium club etc…..

Todays set is 1952 Topps baseball. This is Topps very first set ever. I remember that on one of the very first posts of my blog I wrote that 2011 was actually topps 61st set. Now I realize that it is the 60th because the 1951 red/blue backs are more like playing cards and not an actual card set. So those 104 cards I was planning to collect are now out. Although I will accept them from time to time just to see if I can finish that set.

Cards in set: 407. Yeah 407 Ill rant about that later

Variations: Series 1 (#s 1-80) have red and black back variants. and I believe cards 48 and 49 have each others backs. (card 48 has the bio for 49 and vice versa)

Notable Cards: Notice how I dont do these for all sets. Notable Cards include Mickey Mantle’s 2nd year card Eddie Matthews Jackie Robinson pretty much all the guys that became stars and later Hall of Famers are in the set. Duke Snider and also the lesser known Alvin Dark who later managed and won the world series with the 1974 Oakland A’s

Comments: 407 cards. Why? Even back in the 50s topps was making sets so that they wouldnt fill complete pages in binders. I guess we cant blame them. Pages werent eveen made in the 50s. But whu not make it 408? Todays topps sets are 220 330 660 and unlike the 80s they dont fill complete pages whether its 9 cards per page or not.

Heres a picture from that set

Thats it for Vintage week. Hope you all enjoyed it and if not well then go read a different blog! lol not really. Keep reading