Good Morning blogging communtiy!!! Time for another installment of the random topps set of the day!

Todays set is 2007 Topps Football

Overview: 2007 topps is the 52nd football set made by topps. Amazingly football is only behind baseball by 4 years. 2007 Topps was released at a period of time in which Michael Vick was being questioned for his involvment in the dog fighting scandal which banned him from the NFL for 2-3 years. As a result of this his card was later pulled from topps and other card company’s products. That is something I will discuss in a different post.

Cards In Set: There are 440 base cards but there are variations in the factory sets for card numbers 111-120

Card Linked:

yes linked as in click on the link and youll see a picture of the card. Its Marion Barber

This was a brief post stay tuned for tomorrow…..