Its the last day of the month and its time for the Random Topps Set of the Day!

Todays set is 2001 Topps Heritage

Cards In Set: 310 (407 With SPs)

Card Featured: #83 Johnny Damon

Comments: This is the first set of the Topps Heritage Brand and it is also the first featured on this blog. I dont like Heritage because I dont like seeing new players on old designs. It just seems unnatural. Im posting these here anyway because theyre part of the Topps Company. Lucky for me is I only have to do about 25 of these (I think). Not bad.

In its first year topps heritage brought back an old set. The 1952 Topps Set to be exact. Not only that but they copied a lot of what was on that set.Same Number of Cards Same Variations and I believe it was the same size. I dont know, I was 7 in 2001 and Cards were non-existent in my life at the time. I could imagine collectors coming into stores and seeing 1952 Topps Wax Packs. Thats a great trick by Topps: Fooling Collectors. I like that they try to teach young collectors about old designs but like I said I dont like seeing New players on old designs. Enough about my ranting stay tuned for tomorrow’s set, It wont be heritage I promise