Todays set is from a sport that we havent seen in quite a while: Hockey

This set is 1985-86 Topps Hockey

This is Topps first hockey set after a 2 year absence which isnt quite bad when you think of how basketball was stopped during this decade. And especially when hockey hasnt been produced since the 2004-05 lockout. I have never seen one of these cards until now either as a picture or in person.

Cards in set: 165

Notable Rookies: Mario Lemieux (#9)

Yes! One thing Topps was able to do is create a rookie card of one of the best hockey players ever. Mario Lemieux! I may not know much about hockey but I sure know that he is a hall of famer which is good. This picture features 6 cards. I have heard of 3 of these guys: Lemieux Yzerman and Gretzky

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